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The healing powers of Gastein Thermal Therapy

Health and vitality from the Hohe Tauern Mountains

The effective healing resources of Gastein Valley: the Gastein Thermal Water, the worldwide unique Gastein Healing Gallery (Gasteiner Heilstollen) and the Gastein Steambath (Gasteiner Dunstbad) make Gastein Thermal Cure based on the Radon Therapie in their different therapy forms unique and effective. The inert gas radon in Gastein Valleys sources stimulates cell metabolism, promotes the repair process in the cells and generates pain-killing substances in the body. are: The most important indications are rheumatism, in particular ankylosing spondylitis, but also rheumatoid arthritis and related forms of arthroses. Respiratory illnesses, such as bronchial asthma and chronic bronchitis.

The Gastein Thermal Water

Thermal water rises in Gastein to approximately 1,000 meters above sea level in the Badberg area in Bad Gastein - from 17 different springs. It contains the inert gas radon and has an original temperature of 37 to 44,3 °C.

The Gastein Healing Gallery - worldwide unique

The atmosphere within the Heilstollen in Gastein is UNIQUE in the world. It is the most effective spa treatment in the Gastein Valley. The extraordinary effects of the Heilstollen are result of three factors: Radon content of 44 Bq/l of air (in the centre of the Heilstollen) Air temperature of 37 °C to °41,5. Relative air humidity of 70% to almost 100% A special train takes you 2.5km into the mountain, where the warmth and humidity elevate the body's temperature to 38 °C, which increases the uptake of radon. The Gastein Heilstollen treatment improves the body's ability to regulate itself and can therefore be used to maintain your general health.