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Remsach 3, Bad Gastein, Austria
Tel. +43 6434 4474 or +43 664 206 25 90

Our state-controlled organic farm

Our farm is for centuries an existing family business. Since 1992 we are an examined bio farm with 25 nut/mother cows with their calves and 2 bulls. We concentrate on the raising of the calves up to one year, which are then passed on to the Bio Austria. Ours "bio beef" arrives afterwards only to austrian markets, as well as for the baby food production.

In the year 2005 we converted our cowshed into a modern stall without tying up the animals with external discharge possibility, where our cattle spend the winter. Starting from at the end of May are our cows on the Alm: First in the Astenalm, later then on the course-leased Haitzingalm on 1900 m above see level, where they spend the summer.

Further animals at the yard are at present our kids-loving dog "Bella", our cat "Felix", our hare"Hopps" and guinea pig "Mimi", 2 run ducks and 5 greylags (goose), our "Gockel"cock, as well as 20 chickens living free, which put daily our good biological eggs.